Until next time.

When I think about us dancing
I smile, with closed eyes I picture us
palm to palm,
looking into each other’s eyes
and just happy to be together,
moving to the rhythm of our hearts.

How is it such a gentle touch
can create such electricity.
The divine spark,
where time stops around us,
allowing you and I to savour this moment
for a temporary taste of eternity.

Hours separate us,
but hours feel like seconds
knowing that I will be with you soon.
I would traverse the earth to
see you one more time,
climb a mountain to find you and
search the skies for a star that shines as brightly as you do
in my eyes.

And when I find that star I’ll know,
know that I’ve finally found something
comparable to my love for you.
Far away,
yet burning so bright,
it will shine for as long as we are on
this planet.

I could wait until my dying day to see you,
knowing the day would come, eventually,
forever would be worth the wait.

And in my eyes you’d still be the same,
the celestial beauty
that I once knew in my youth.


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